Our Buying Process

Custom building a home to your exact requirements is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Arlt Homes has assembled a knowledgeable team of experts that will guide and work with you as your new home is being constructed.

An overview of the Arlt Homes Buying Process from beginning to end.

Building a new home can be divided into 4 main sections: Specification, Design, Construction, Service.


  • Establish your wants and needs
  • Determine what you can afford
  • Review Arlt Homes Standard Specs and timelines for building
  • Get pre-qualified from your lender


  • Select Lot (a $5,000 deposit is required to hold a lot)
  • Select floor plan/design home (a $5,000 non refundable deposit is required to draft plans, additional costs may apply when designing a custom plan)
  • Price plan
  • Sign Purchase Agreement
    • Remove financing and legal conditionls
    • Further deposit due (10% of Purchase Agreement less any deposits received)
  • Finalize construction details
    • Finalize construction drawings
    • Obtain architectural approvals
    • Obtain building permit


  • Approximately 6-8 month build time once a permit is received
    • Payment Schedule
      • Basement Stage (25% of remaining Purchase Agreement balance)
      • Drywall Stage (25% of remaining Purchase Agreement balance)
      • Finishing/Cabinetry (25% of remaining Purchase Agreement balance)
      • Possession (25% of remaining Purchase Agreement balance)
  • Interior Selections – visit suppliers
  • Electrical Walk Through – conducted on site with homeowners
  • Drywall stage – determine final possession date
  • Prepare for Possession Day – contact lender and lawyer
  • Pre-Possession Walk Through – discuss manuals, operating procedures, maintenance
  • Possession Day


  • Warranty
    • one year warranty by builder
    • five year structural warranty by 3rd party
  • Seasonal Maintenance

Please visit one of our show homes and speak with our sales representative for more detailed information on building with Arlt Homes.